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Customer satisfaction is everything for us. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase from our online store, you may return it within 7 workdays for a refund. However the return shipping charges, 20% handling fee and the transaction of the total product purchase will be deducted from your refund. If you have any questions about products you receive, please contact us.

Please make sure that the package meets the following requirements:

First, the product hasn't been used, quality problems not included; Furthermore, there is no quality problem due to abuse or misuse; What's more, the accessories and outer package are intact.

Second, if you received a wrong product, a product with any quality problem, or too different from description on our store to accept, you can also return the product within 7 workdays from your payment at our cost. We can give you a full refund or change the product at your request after we received the package and confirmed the issue. If it is our or logistic company's fault, or the customs policy that lead to a failure on receiving within the Estimated Delivery Date after your payment, we would fully refund you unconditionally. However, if it is because incorrect information has been left by customer or rejection or unclaimed in time; we won't be responsible for the problem. Please understand that.